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Got Home? 10 Steps To A New Home

1. Selecting And Hiring a REALTOR or Agent.

  • Why should I hire a REALTOR or Agent? And what's the difference?

  • Why should I Sign A Buyer Broker Agreement?
    All buyers who wish to work with an agent should sign a buyer-broker agreement. State law requires disclosure by your agent and a written agreement to higher a representative and also for an agent to represent a buyer.

  • Who Do I Trust?
    Education, Knowledge, Eye Contact, and direct answers go a long way in demonstrating trust. Don't forget your "gut" feeling.

  • How Do I Select a REALTOR or Agent?

  • What Are My Rights As A Buyer?
    Read the info on his link...

  • Should I Buy From The Listing Agent?
    It is legal if fully disclosed in advance and agreed in writing by both buyer and seller, You will be better served with your own representative.

  • What Should A REALTOR or Agent Be Able To Do?
    An agent should be able to answer your questions, help you understand the particulars, negotiate on your behalf, clearly communicate with you and the other agent in a concise and professional manner, help you make an intelligent offer and interpret all details of the transaction.

2. Pre-Approval

  • What is The Difference Between Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualify?

  • Know what you can afford before you shop
    Knowing what you can afford before you shop will save you time and frustration!

  • Electronically approved for loan through automated under-writing

  • Present Stronger offer
    Being pre-approved always equals a stronger offer

  • Best financing options
    A knowledgeable lender will present and help you understand the different financing options available to you. They will help you tailor a mortgage that is just right for you.

3. What are you looking for?

  • Location
  • Style
  • Beds & Baths
  • Square Footage
  • To mow or not to mow?
    Tired of mowing the lawn? A Condo or townhome may provide you with a more "maintenance free" lifestyle.

4. Where is it?

  • Will I find it?
    It's possible the home you purchase will be one of the listings I email to you...

  • Will you find it?
    It's also possible it will be a home you see while driving through a neighborhood...

  • New Home
    If you are thinking new construction, be sure to take us with you on your first visit. Remember! The sales agent at the sales trailer represents the builder, NOT YOU!

  • By Owner
    Most "by owners" are more than willing to pay a buyer agency commission. Again, be sure to bring us with you on the first visit or have us contact the owner first.

  • Searching

5. Making an offer

6. Offer Accepted!

  • Deadlines
  • Sellers Disclosures
  • Notify Lender
  • Notify Title & Open Escrow

7. Open Escrow

8. Due Diligence & Deadlines

  • Home Inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Title Report
  • Judgements
  • Buyers Due Diligence Checklist
  • Hazard Insurance
  • I Don't Want This Home After All

9. Settlement and Close

  • Good Faith Estimates
  • Where?
  • Who will be there?
  • What do I need to bring? How long will it take?

10. Possession

  • Funding & Recording or…
  • Rent backs
  • Getting keys
  • When can we move in?
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